The Purpose of the Play What You Hear jazz guitar lesson program is to teach the student to, dramatic pause, well, to play what they hear. Seriously, the author, Chris Standring, makes a great point that many guitarists learn to master the fretboard through visualizing shapes and patterns. The unfortunate result is that solos improvised in this manner can sound contrived. Chris goes on to say that he believes that many guitarists often have no idea that they do not …

Good corporate governance ensures better performance of a company and promotes healthy climate for investments. Whereas, the good corporate governance is a result of proper practice of accounting standards as the standards lead to the effective disclosure and provide a useful mechanism to restructure the core corporate values. In this context, an attempt has been made in this paper to discuss the practice of proper accounting standards for good corporate governance, as it is one of the important relevant issues of good corporate governance in the present competitive era.

Offshore Outsourcing is an emotional subject these days and many senior managers are uncomfortable talking openly about their company’s projects for fear of being labeled unpatriotic job killers. Happily, there are some who will talk about their experiences with Offshore Outsourcing and useful for the rest of us.

Both India and Philippines are the subject of long-standing travel warnings from various embassies. Some say India is on the verge of nuclear war with Pakistan. In Philippines, terrorist bomb threats are all too common. Is it any wonder that Gartner Group cites security as a “key concern in outsourcing?”